Our objective is to help our clients improve their trading and investment capital. We strongly believe in the TED principle, where Tools, Education and Discipline, when combined, will enhance the probability of success. We endeavour to provide personalised and professional services to all our clients. We conduct in-house research and whilst there is no guarantee for continuous success on every trade, we believe that our research improves the probability of meeting our objectives.

Our business includes:

  • Trading in:  Equities and Options (on the local as well some overseas markets), Commodities, CFD’s & Foreign Exchange
  • Managed Investment Funds that earns attractive interest
  • Education and Investment Advice
  • Trading System Development

Our method

Our trading method includes a mechanical system that uses technical indicators applied on two different time-based charts.  This method determines entry and potential exit points, through which we execute our trades. We also use some important fundamental factors to enhance our research.

The Technical indicators we use on charts are combined to provide our trading strategies.  Twenty five years of research and experience have contributed to the method that we have developed in-house, which we named the “GB8 Mechanical System”.  It is based on 8 indicators.  

Over the years we produced both good and bad results, and we learnt from our mistakes.  We believe our mechanical system has improved our strategies and performance. We have also developed training programs to educate our clients so they are well informed of the method we use. This method also helps our clients to be in control of their positions.

How can we help?

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, our tailor-made courses will cater for your needs. In addition, we provide ongoing mentoring programs which facilitate the transition from beginner to more advanced levels.

Learning the “GB8 Mechanical System” will assist clients to design and control their own strategies. Subscribers may also join our private website to gain additional and continuous learning from our recommendations. We often provide between 5 to 15 different trades per month and produce regular reviews.

To understand the needs of our clients and to provide the right products or services, we ask questions, listen to what you require, act on that information and regularly review your needs.

Who do we help?

Our clients come from all walks of life and many have achieved financial success, while others are just learning the ropes of how to trade and invest. Whether you are an experienced trader or just a beginner, FS Securities welcomes you.