At FS Securities, we strongly believe that success in trading and investment can only be achieved through the TED principle.  We can help our students and clients to acquire the TOOLS and the EDUCATION, and through them they may acquire DISCIPLINE in trading.

Firstly we must have the TOOLS.  This includes timely information and a platform to conduct the research and analysis. Secondly we must have an EDUCATION to be able to interpret the signals we receive from the TOOLS.  We provide the Tools and the Education. We also help clients to achieve consistent Discipline through portfolio management and a mechanical trading system, referred to as the ‘GB8′.

We believe that informed clients have a better advantage and therefore are able to be directly involved in the decision making when trading takes place. Every morning, our staff spend a number of hours compiling relevant information derived from various sources of information e.g. Financial Review, Bloomberg, Yahoo, SMH and many other sources. This provides concise information that clients can digest quickly and early in the day. Our recommendation has provided over the years some success rate to the extent of 60 to 70% success rate.

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  • Daily and weekly market Scans
  • Daily and weekly reports
  • Recommendations and results
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Daily and weekly market scans

$14.95per month
$14.95per month
  • Daily Top 50 stocks – bullish scans
  • Daily Top 50 stocks – bearish scans
  • Daily Midcap stocks – bullish scans
  • Weekly scans – week on week changes – top 50 and midcaps

Daily and Weekly Reports

$9.95per month
$9.95per month
  • Daily George’s editorials
  • Overnight Data on overseas markets, commodities and FX
  • Daily announcements affecting market
  • Market advances and declines
  • Market volume trends
  • FS Securities Stock picks -researched inhouse
  • Commentaries on Gold, Silver and Crude Oil
  • Gainers and most active by volume list
  • Sectors performance
  • Upcoming Dividends

Recommendations and Results

$29.95per month
$29.95per month
  • Weekly Recommendations for investors (equities, commodities, FX)
  • Weekly Recommendations for traders (equities, commodities, FX)
  • Daily updates for investors
  • Daily updates for traders
  • FS Securities trades and results

Complete information package

$45.95per month
$45.95per month
  • Daily and weekly market Scans
  • Daily and weekly reports
  • Recommendations and results

FS Securities provides in depth fundamental and technical analysis. The “GB8 Mechanical System” utilised at FS Securities has a 65-70% success rate. This success rate along with strict portfolio management guidelines provides consistency to our clients.

Our mechanical system can be used if you are an:

  • Investor – Those who Buy and Hold for one or more months
  • Conservative Trader – Those who Buy and Hold for one or more weeks
  • Aggressive Trader – Those who trade within a week
  • Very Aggressive Trader – Those who trade within the day (day traders)

If you require specific research and have a company or a particular trade/investment that you would like us to research, please give us a call and we will provide this service for you. Our research service is suitable for people that are experienced in trading or investing in the financial markets, people that are educated and understand the power of timely and accurate information. Beginners are also catered for through our education program, followed by the mentoring system.

The products and services relating to our research are as follows:

  • Weekly newsletter (including in-depth market summaries & recommendations)
  • Daily updates
  • Daily scans
  • Personalised research services
  • Analysts’ stock tips
  • Stocks to watch from Director’s actions
  • Company overviews (including financials, sector analysis and more).