At FS Securities, we believe that education is the most important component of a trader's success. Whether you are an experienced trader or just a beginner, FS Securities welcomes you with a commitment to profitable trading and superior client/advisor relationships.

The ability to generate income independently is the motivation to becoming a skilled trader. Also, disciplined adherence to risk management principles can ensure traders remain relaxed with the knowledge that their capital is not in peril.

Having learnt the skills required for success in trading, continued application of these skills takes the trader on a journey where experience enhances performance and success.

Undisciplined reaction to emotion is the enemy of consistent superior returns.  Avoiding significant losses remains the key to achieving the fundamental objective of a superior return. A loss of 50% on an individual trade requires 100% profit on the next trade to break even and the probability of achieving this is remote. Trading does not offer a “get rich quick” alternative, and natural skill is not something that sets a good trade apart from a poor one. A willingness to learn the fundamental principles of trading and the discipline to recognise when the trade is wrong is vital for success.

The education at FS Securities is a means of teaching and enhancing clients’ trading skills. It teaches clients to minimise losses whilst letting the profits run. Clients who learn the skills of trading can earn superior returns. Our educators will pass on their knowledge from the many years of experience they have gained through trading the financial markets.

Beginners course

  • No pre-knowledge required
  • One day face to face (8hrs) or 2 hour webinar over 4 weeks*Webinars generally held on Sunday night or Wednesday night
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Many repeats available during one year
  • Light lunch provided**not available for webinar

Advanced course

  • Hands-on case studies
  • One full day (1×9 hours) or 2 hour webinar over 8 weeksWebinars generally held on Sunday night or Wednesday night
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Many repeats available during one year
  • Light lunch provided**not available for webinar

Full course

  • Beginners Course
  • Advanced Course
  • Onsite and Webinars solution*Available on Sunday night or Wednesday night.
  • Many repeats available during one year
  • 5 hours of mentoring*

    Light lunch provided**to be used during the year

Our training includes:

    • Equities, futures, commodities and options (trading or investing)
    • Online courses (all archived)
    • Tailored mentoring

Our fundamental objective is to teach Trading Risk Management, strategic selection of entry and exit points, and wise reward to risk ratios. To be successful in investing or trading you need TED –  Tools, Education and Discipline.

Some benefits include:

    • Flexibility and convenience
    • Immediate family can attend the education for free or reduced cost
    • 20 hours per annum open forum mentoring sessions
    • Ongoing broker support
    • Face to face education available
    • Tailor made training

At FS Securities we strongly believe that success in trading and investment can only be achieved through the strong TED principle (Tools, Education and Discipline)

Firstly we must have the Tools (timely information and a platform). Secondly we must have an Education to be able to interpret the signals we receive from the Tools.   We provide the Tools and the Education. We also help clients to achieve consistent Discipline through portfolio management and use of the “GB8 Mechanical System”.

George heads up the education and research division at FS Securities. He has over 25 years experience trading and has spent the last 9 years as a professional trader and educator. He is also qualified with RG146, ASIC ADA1 and ADA2. George has had good and bad experiences trading Equities, Futures, Options, CFD’s and Foreign Exchange. He has worked as a broker, technical analyst and more recently, as an educator and mentor for his clients.

George endeavors to share his knowledge with his clients, and is a strong believer in mechanical trading and knowing your reward and risk before trading.