At FS Securities, we strongly believe that success in trading can be achieved through the TED principal. We provide the Tools, the Education, and we help clients’ to achieve consistent Discipline through portfolio management and a mechanical trading system, referred to as the ‘GB8’.

In addition, we believe that informed clients’ have a better advantage and therefore, are able to be directly involved in the decision making when trading takes place.

Every morning, our staff spend a number of hours compiling relevant information derived from various sources of information e.g. Financial Review, Bloomberg, Yahoo, SMH and many other sources. This provides concise information that clients can digest quickly and early in the day. The following information is a sample of what we provide in our daily market report.

Available for subscribers only :

    •  George Beyrouthi’s editorial
    •  Overseas and local announcements (that may affect movements in the market)
    •  Movements in overseas markets, commodities, foreign exchange
    •  Daily market volume
    • Daily advances and declines