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Our objective is to help our clients improve their trading and investment capital. We strongly believe in the TED principle, where Tools, Education and Discipline, when combined, will enhance the probability of success. We endeavour to provide personalised and professional services to all our clients. We conduct in-house research and whilst there is no guarantee for continuous success on every trade, we believe that our research improves the probability of meeting our objectives.

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  • I am very impressed with the quality of communication that I am receiving from FS Securities. It is consistent, timely and well structured, avoiding irrelevant information that I often receive from other brokers/advisers.–D. Weier

  • I enjoy your presentations. You present in a professional manner and have an excellent way of engaging the audience. I have learnt a lot about charts and how to make decisions before trading. I look forward to the next seminar.–N. North

  • Thank you for your free seminars. Excellent presentation skills. –T. Omeri

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I am not an Options trader but I still found it very interesting. Your presentation is very professional and well put together. You present the information well and have a good connection with the audience.–N. Wrightson - President of the Newcastle ATAA branch.

  • Due to my work commitments, recently I have had F.S.Securities [George] carryout several trades on my behalf. I have been pleasantly rewarded by some excellent profit, even during the Spain/Greece market crisis. From these recent trades, I have found George to be realistic with market information updates and also committed to me as a client with constant communication when needed.–R. Svenson